4 Bar Foods Ideal For People On The Mediterranean Diet

When dining at a bar, it may seem hard to find healthy meal options that can cater to specific diets, but it's all about planning and ordering the correct way. If you're on a Mediterranean diet, then you have very specific food options to consider for improving the health of your heart. This includes specific food groups and options for increasing the protein consumption for your body. As you head out to your local bar and grill, there are four different foods to consider ordering. Each one of these meals caters directly to the diet and can become a regular order each time you head out to eat.

Whole Grain Bread Basket

Many bar and grill meals are started off with a basket of bread. While bread and grains are a big part of a Mediterranean diet, it's important to understand what should be consumed and what should be left aside. When a bread bowl is served, you can request for whole grain breads. These breads feature more natural elements and are recommended over processed white breads. As you eat bread, it's important to skip over the small butter or margarine packs. The butter and margarine may contain saturated fats, which are not recommended on this diet. Instead, you can request a small dipping cup of olive oil or just eat the bread dry. If you seek something else for dipping, consider ordering a vegetable or broth soup. It's a great way to mix an appetizer with the bread basket and have a nice starter food to enjoy.


Beans are another essential part of a Mediterranean diet. One of the best ways to enjoy a good selection of beans is with a chili. When ordering at the bar, look for a vegetarian or chicken-based chili. Red meat should be eliminated while on a Mediterranean diet and these alternative forms of the chili can provide a better meal option. A vegetarian chili will often contain more types of beans, increasing the amount of nutrients and healthy foods in your body. When getting served the chili, try not to add extras like salt. The addition of more salt can take away from the nutritional value of the meal.

Chicken Burgers

When consuming meat on the Mediterranean diet, one of the more common options is poultry. Get your fair share of poultry by enjoying a chicken burger at your local bar and grill. These burgers replace the red meat with a good serving of protein and can be served in a number of delicious flavors. When ordering a chicken burger, look for grilled varieties that are not breaded. This is a healthier option but may not always be available. A whole grain bun can also supply you with more nutritional options. Top the burger off with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and spinach to have a meal that really caters to the diet guidelines.

Fish & Chips

Fish is another popular entree option for Mediterranean diets. One of the most common fish meals to order at a bar and grill is fish and chips. By tweaking the order a little bit, you can cater more to your diet. Look for grilled fish options at the bar. This can help eliminate fats found in the fish batter. If a grilled fish option is not available, you can trim off as much of the batter as possible while eating the fish. When ordering fries for the fish, request an alternative like sweet potato fries. Try to eat the fires as served without adding extras like ketchup or salt.

By being prepared, you can help stick to your diet and still enjoy the delicious foods served at bar and grills.