5 Fun Ways To Present Gourmet Chocolates As A Gift

Almost everyone can appreciate a good box of chocolates to indulge in, making the sweet treat a perfect gift for any occasion. Skip the grocery store when shopping for chocolate gifts, and go for something gourmet instead – something that has a unique flavor profile and vibrant appearance. Instead of simply gifting the box of chocolates you're gifting, think outside of the box and come up with a fun way to present the sweet treat. Here are five interesting options to consider that may intrigue your giftee:

Put into a Pencil Box

If the recipient of your gift is into crossword puzzles, drawing, or handwriting, consider putting the chocolates inside a new pencil box and pairing the box with a variety of crossword books, sketch paper, or a notebook. Put new pencils or pens in a single layer on the bottom of the pencil box, and then individually wrap your chocolates in foil before filling the rest of the pencil box with them. Pair the books or paper with the pencil box and wrap it all up in wrapping paper that says "thank you" on it.

Stuffed into a Cookie Jar

If your giftee enjoys baking, or even just making cookies out of packaged dough, they may enjoy receiving a cookie jar stuffed with gourmet chocolates. Include a few interesting recipes along with the chocolates. Find recipes online when ordering your chocolates, and print them out on index cards, then have them laminated. You can place the recipe cards on top of the chocolates inside the cookie jar, or put them inside a small container to accompany the cookie jar. Make sure that the container has some extra room for more recipes so your giftee can add to it.

Included in a Glass Vase

For those who like flowers, gift them with a glass vase full or chocolate. Attach a gift certificate good for a bouquet of flowers at the local florist, and this is a gift that keeps on giving once the chocolates are all eaten. Instead of wrapping the chocolates in foil, gently place the them inside the vase and then put the vase in your freezer. The freezer will help ensure that the chocolates keep their shape until you are ready to gift them. To keep the vase from being slippery when you take it out of the freezer, it's a good idea to wipe the outside of it down with a dry cloth until all of the excess moisture is gone.

Featured in a Picnic Basket

A picnic basket filled with gourmet chocolates and other goodies is the perfect gift for the adventurous type who loves the outdoors. There should be enough room in the basket to keep the original packaging on your chocolates when placing them inside, which gives you a chance to show your giftee just where their chocolate came from. Alongside the chocolate, pack a bottle of champagne, a loaf of french bread, and some hummus inside the picnic basket. Round off the gift with a deck of cards for a little something to do during the picnic.

Incorporated into Mason Jars

If you're not sure what exactly your giftee is into, simply present the chocolates in a series of decorated mason jars. Use ribbon, doilies, stickers, or your other favorite accessories to decorate the mason jars. Consider using a couple of different colored markers to write "thank you" on the jars' décor. Once decorated, fill the mason jars with chocolates after individually wrapping them in plastic wrap so the actual chocolate pieces can be seen through the glass. After the chocolates have been eaten, your giftee can reuse the mason jars however they see fit.

Using these gift ideas should help ensure that each box of chocolates you give to friends and family are uniquely presented in a way that offers personable fun, indulgence, and memories that are sure to last a lifetime.  

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