Five Non-Meat Mexican Restaurant Dinner Options

Going out to dinner when you're a vegetarian can be a little tricky, especially if it's somewhere you haven't been before. A Mexican restaurant can be a good option; however, you will need to first check a couple of things with them beforehand. You will want to ask how they prepare their rice and how they prepare their beans. Some establishments cook their rice in chicken broth and re-fry their beans in lard. You will want to check on both the black beans and refried beans.

If they don't use animal products in the rice or beans, then you're in luck. Now you're left to figure out what to order for the main course. Here are five ideas for Mexican dishes commonly found at authentic Mexican restaurants that are vegetarian.

Vegetarian Fajitas

Every Mexican restaurant offers a variety of fajitas, usually beef steak, chicken, or shrimp. For vegetarians, simply order extra veggies, hold the meat. Grilled peppers, onions, and tomatoes, topped with guacamole and salsa in a flour tortilla and a side of rice and beans will make a great meal. If you eat dairy products, add the cheese and sour cream.


A pile of deep-fried corn tortilla chips topped with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, avocado, refried beans, and salsa is a filling snack. Have them smothered in piping hot queso blanco cheese dip if you eat cheese.

Bean Tostados

A flat, crispy corn tortilla is spread with refried beans. Then get your favorite toppings to create your own vegetarian classic. You could also request traditional hard shell tacos or soft flour tortillas.

Taco Pizza

Most Mexican restaurants have their own special version of taco pizza. Skip the meat and add extra veggies. You may be also able to create your own pizza combination depending on what other ingredients you see on the menu. Consider green enchilada sauce with tomatoes, onions, black olives, and avocado.

Fish Tacos

If you're a pescatarian and still occasionally eat fish, you won't want to miss their fish tacos. Grilled mahi mahi, marinated in spices and fresh lime juice, is frequently the fish of choice used for tacos. It is firm-fleshed and mild, and topped with crisp, fresh cabbage slaw. Grilled red snapper, served with a tomato and olive relish, is another dish commonly found on Mexican restaurant menus.

Eating out when you're a vegetarian can be challenging, but with a little bit of research and a willingness to create your own spin on their popular dishes, you won't go hungry. Why not try these out?